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    Beijing seven koalas no shelf was removed

    Jan 19, 2019

    "A few days ago, seven little koala is out of the whole Beijing was removed shelves of air-conditioner. According to the relevant information, in fact, to similar vending machine shelf freezer is not removed seven of the baby koalas made their staff, just outsourcing team, the outsourcing team personnel very fast off the shelves will be removed, freezers, leaving only coffee is about to expire, and says "the company closed, 90% were laid off".
    "Seven koala" once was is no shelves in the industry well-known brands. Its establishment was in February 2017, two founding the humanities in fai, ChanChangJiang from home for dinner, and an angel round the investor is venture capital by warp/weft, in September last year after declared after the 50 million yuan can proceed A round of funding, led by the board of A capital, then matrix partners to vote. This is also released its last round of financing, occurs after the layoffs, the shelves of phenomenon appear constantly.
    Just before half month, GuoXiaoMei also broke the bad news. Message says its financing halted, even the wages are not to come out, point be recycled... , these messages are very great influence on unmanned shelves. Many projects have been stopped no shelves, the footsteps of financing is also stopped, and most of the time of financing are in January this year ago stopped. Empty shelves once heavy betting, now no longer ignore, the attitude of the capital is that change is really, it makes no shelf how all miss the vending machine industry.
    Maybe, no one shelf from now on drew a satisfactory full stop. Mainly because of a pioneer have proved with money and time no shelves this pattern is actually a lot of defects, but the page investment this circle inside story or continue to continue to happen. So in the future, this kind of similar story will continue? Let's wait and see!
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