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    Chongqing eggs vending machine is very popular

    Jan 19, 2019

    Using a mobile phone to scan qr code of the machine, after more than ten seconds, the machine will spit out a box of fresh eggs, this is one of chongqing district vending machine in front of the scene, in recent years, selling drinks, snacks, even vegetables fresh fruit vending machine. Recent years, various types of vending machines in shopping malls, subway station village, and even office and so on.
    At the scene, we can see the vending machine is 2 meters high, for more than a metre wide, appearance and common drinks vending machines are similar, according to the observation, the vending machine that can hold about ninety boxes filled with words of eggs.
    Some experience of this machine, from sweeping yards to shipment, very fast, only need 10 seconds or so, and eggs are in a box, box printing date of production, packaging is very delicate, shipment way is very smooth, not easy to damage. Payment support bank CARDS, pay treasure to micro letter four ways.
    Scan the qr code above we can find this machine machine operator belongs to guizhou, a big agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, operators to introduce these machines selling eggs are fresh eggs within ten days.
    Many people will think of selling the eggs of the vending machine is very novel, but in recent years many personalized vending machines, such as noodles vending machines, flowers vending machines, etc.
    Shapingba district, such as the one on the other side of the street on the mouth "60 seconds instant smart cooked noodles sell robot", the flowers in the relatively complacent world square vending machines, around the major shopping plaza and freshly squeezed orange juice, vending machines, etc., seems to have only, without the feeling of can't sell than you think.
    According to the statistics show that by the end of 2015, China's nearly 150000 vending machines, a year-on-year growth of nearly 51% in 2014, the size of the market increases nearly 30% year-on-year in 2014. In the first half of 2016, domestic vending machine's 180000 units. Looks like a prospect is good, but really all the goods are suitable for automatic sell? A retail people told reporters on condition of anonymity, suitable for light automatically sell category is the best decision, let consumers to see will be willing to buy things, such as packaged snacks, in a box of fresh vegetables.
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