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    The vending machines renewal, Tmall launch a buffet car

    Jan 19, 2019

    Now domestic vending machine is more and more popular, and mobile payments such as WeChat, pay treasure to become the mainstream of payment, before the single function of vending machines are slowly being phased out. Recently, the country's first unmanned auto vending machine building officially opened in guangzhou, the whole building is equipped with an identification system for intelligent lifting system and perfect, one-time can accommodate 42 vehicles, provide consumers with brush face buffet car and drive service for three days. Ford for day cat supply more than its classic models.
    And traditional 4 s store shopping, day cat auto vending machine can through mobile payment, face recognition, and online self-service in combination with form, provide consumers with more convenient driving experience. There is, sesame chooses more than 700 or super member free test drive, pay does not meet the conditions according to the model test. Consumers as long as the open mobile phone taobao or Tmall, input "super test" can be completed online booking.
    Using alibaba's digital technology and large data, Tmall cars according to consumer credit sesame and naughty value also give different degree of test cost and purchasing intention of gold is favorable, consumers return at the end of the test drive cars; Some customers are interested, with the aid of alibaba digital technology and large data, Tmall car based on consumer credit sesame points and naughty values to give different degree of test cost and purchasing intention of gold. Consumers return at the end of the test drive vehicles; And purchase intentions of consumers can pick up the car to the shop of distribute of local authorized for payment. As the final purchase deal, test fee can be returned to the consumer.
    Tmall auto start "super test drive" new brand experience pilot project in guangzhou, is that alibaba and ford in December first concrete floor project since signed a cooperation agreement. In what is now the new retail vending and experience test drive the car under the environment of service, this is big data, the new technology to use ali can assign brands, dealers, so that we can make consumers get more convenient and efficient shopping experience, and depth of experience is the consumer to make a decision whether buying a car is the most important one annulus.
    At present, Tmall "auto vending machine" has been in Shanghai, nanjing two cities fall to the ground. The country's first Tmall new retail auto vending machine building located in guangzhou, with Tmall this move, will be no retail and big data combined with application on the development of fresh air.
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