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    Jilin university in camera vending machine

    Jan 19, 2019

    With the continuous development of modern society, the cafeteria around the establishment of a self-help self-service consumption facilities such as shopping bookstore, let many people feel very fresh, in the center of jilin university campus library, has put a self-service card camera, 15 seconds can imaging, also can adjust the picture, there are many students of id photo also can make beautiful pictures.
    Some thoughtful citizens found that in the center of jilin university community library, have a diy photo machine, certificate the entire automation, can automatically adjust the position, is very convenient. It is understood that the artifact of the camera, the ground floor of the library is a white machine, and the volume of the ordinary drinks vending machine.
    For the diy camera watch carefully, we will find that the lower one out, top write "self-service certificates according to photography" several labeling, is covered by a curtain machine, in this door curtain is the place where students self-help photograph, the machine also put the camera on the step, step by step according to the steps, the background of the picture after the camera can choose color and size, the "can do all kinds of certificates, as if satisfied after can print, if not satisfied can take pictures again, and then to print money, you don't need to worry about
    The certificate note not satisfied." So do as their satisfactory certificates as, attracted many students to come to visit.
    With related media reporters came to the field observation and found that there are a lot of students are waiting in line to id photo, at the end of the film, as long as 15 seconds can get photos, etc. One of the students to tell a reporter, this machine in a month ago began to put in the library, always has a lot of people come to take pictures. "Too easy, convenient the machine like a vending machine, don't we ran outside to find a photo studio, and after the machine according to whether you can also choose your own satisfaction, really human." Wilson said that he will give the creative camera some praise.
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