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    American on the vegetarian food vending machine

    Jan 19, 2019

    In all kinds of vending machine appeared on the market, a start-up company in the United States launched a new type of machine, this machine has been selling vegetarian, the company took the vending machine to the streets of San Francisco, this the name of a company called leCupboard food startups.
    LeCupboard Looly parent company, founded in 2013, by the Moroccan entrepreneur Lamiaa Bounahmidi founded, at present, the company has with $2 million in funding, because this company vegetarian food vending machine ideas and attract the attention of many investors.
    LeCupboard originally opened in the bay area has a same name cafe, selling vegetarian food at the same time. Altogether has 6 stores. According to relevant controller introduces, they intend to investment in two places in Los Angeles this a vegetarian type of vending machines.
    vending machine
    Actually in San Francisco, earlier there is a restaurant selling vegetarian unmanned, called Eatsa. Go to this restaurant, see first not food or a waiter, but a whole row of the device. The device used to allow customers to order, but provide vegetarian species is less, only six.
    But in America's public comments on the evaluation page, many gave high praise of the unmanned restaurant reason is not because the food in this restaurant tastes good, but because of this no one restaurant to bring fresh.
    LeCupboard want to do a simple version of the Eatsa, another leCupboard provided food looks more attractive. They provide a lentil salad, cereal breakfast, squash noodles, walnut fruit pudding garlic, and carefully packaging. Next, leCupboard says it will put a vending machine in the places where is difficult to get vegetarian food, such as hospitals, near the office.
    With the popularity of mobile electronic payment and the development of new retail, this form of the vending machine in China also was welcome. Automatic coconut machine, automatic ShouCai machine, automatic coffee machine, etc. The core values of the vending machine is convenience and satisfy the customer's immediate needs, because sales are usually not as the growth of the area and the linear rise, so there is no vending machine offers a more cost-effective manner, for those who don't need to think too long customer will buy goods provides a channel
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