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    No one shelf rout No self-help vending machine damage

    Jan 19, 2019

    Money is in short supply, the contraction front. Beijing area of scarlet convenience was quickly cut to 40 people, technical personnel are almost cut too little. In the annual meeting, held a languid scarlet is convenient for the story of breakneck expansion is changed to the fine operation. On social platform affectionately, anonymous for someone broke seven koala BD team was disbanded.
    A lingering. Compared and self-help vending machines, no shelf there are many phenomena of vicious competition and steal their point, the fish eat the phenomenon of the market. KPI is oriented to the whole industry is a mess, BD personnel in private transactions is not a rare thing. Originally the crazy replenishment speed slow down.
    From the mouth of the tuyere become crazy process only took 200 days. Originally many investors say no more than 20% of the damage rate now is surely more than 60%, begin to be hide data finally is clear. The expansion of the crazy actually needs strong working capital and supply chain support, scarlet convenience is broke the balance of default supplier $6.
    Has been relatively quiet GuoXiaoMei in the April of this year is also get caught up in a lot of negative news. By supplier battening down the hatches for payment in arrears, as well as originally agreed good financing ali, default employee wages, inexhaustible.
    After the unmanned shelves of many projects are starting to buy, "we've already sold, did the take-away TP the transition now, you should guess who it is." Not a few project started on the chain. On April 28, cloud news of finance and economics: hunting friends box officials announced the adding comprehensive retail chain of integral RLS ecosystem. Travelling is lu Chen, founder of the reprinted the news, said aboard the ~ hope to be able to finally led the silent unmanned shelf industry to explore a new mode and play ~ o currency practice regiment old driver with flying ring.
    And there are also many empty shelves began to think of some way to to control the damage rate, like self-help vending machine is, of course, it is difficult to achieve. And just four months ago, seven little koala announced the development of the second generation of intelligent unmanned container, to now also has no news.
    Maybe, no shelves now that's the end of the story. But the story of vc circle is not going to stop, just next time, so blindly following industry will continue to appear? This is very hard to say.
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